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Petr Koráb -'s Alive

Petr Koráb -'s Alive

In Dutch, we call this a “lekker landwijntje”. But just in case that doesn’t ring a bell, here is an instruction manual.

Step one: carefully open the bottle, she might be a bit jumpy. After all, you are waking up the dead. 🧟‍♂️ 

Step two: put on the Blade Runner or TRON soundtrack and pour yourself a glass. 👾

Step three: take a sip and enjoy energizing fruits at the front and 80s electrifying funk at the end. 🍏🍋🤖

  • Winemaker – Petr Koráb
  • Grapes – Chardonnay, Neuburger, Pinot Blanc & Veltliner
  • Country – Czech Republic, Velkopavlovická
  • Year – 2021
  • Size – 75cl
  • Alcohol – 11,5%
  • Funkometer – 12/100
  • Snack – BLT sandwich
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