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Pét What?

Pét-Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is a natural effervescent wine that will spark your imagination. It is a lively and bubbly wine with unique carbonic acids, a cloudy appearance, funky aromas, low sugars, dry, juicy and with moderate alcohol content that is often produced in small quantities due to genuine craftsmanship and biodynamic practices. 🥂🍾✨

Apart from whether white, red, orange, or rosé, Pét-Nat varies from the mass-produced Prosecco or Champagne wines thanks to its natural production method. The Ancestral Method or 'Méthode Ancestrale' is the oldest way of making sparkling wines, and unlike Champagne, Pét-Nats do not undergo a second fermentation where they add sugars and yeasts to the wines. Instead, in Pét-Nat production, the natural fermentation is interrupted, and the wine finishes fermenting after being bottled, hence its unique carbonic acids. Part of the practice and the reason it has a cloudy appearance, is due to the unfiltered bottling process, not stripping the wine of its natural aromas. Pure juice wine, even better!

Why Cap-Wet?

Cap-Wet provides a small and changing curation of Pét-Nat wines that enable you to sip and celebrate life. Every day should be a party, and what better way to celebrate than with bubbles? 🧢🫂🌍

All winemakers in our offering have proven to be at the forefront of natural winemaking and work with an ecological ethos. Created with the 'ancestral method', we ensure that these wines have a positive and environmental-friendly effect on their surroundings. We decided to trade exclusively in Pét-Nat wines, making it easier for you to try different vinos elsewhere, supporting multiple natural winemakers and other small businesses that share a similar philosophy. From the vineyard to your glass, we try to do our part and only ship wines through CO₂ neutral transportation.

We have split our Pét-Nat collection into three categories: 'The Pét-Nat Paradise' which holds personal favourites that will tickle your imagination, 'Bubble BOMBS!' are the wines you need to try before you die (grim but true), and the 'Semi-Sparkling Superstars' has frizzantes that will turn you into a karaoke machine.

If you have a specific request like Christmas food pairings, a bachelorette party, corporate gifting or organizing a tasting, don't hesitate to contact us through Instagram, TikTok, or our contact page.

Our story

Cap-Wet originated in 2022 when we had the idea of starting a webshop with a niche-niche market offering. We wanted to become the pét-nat expert and a go-to place for people who enjoy bubbles in natural wine.

We are Mick and Martijn, two friends from The Hague who have known each other for about 15 years and share a common interest in wine, going on trips to France, and tasting together.

Taking inspiration from 60's pop art references, Cap-Wet's brand style came about. Not only in its tone of voice (that is anti old-school wine reviews) but also in the brand's looks. Why pop art? Because bottles need to be popped, of course. This is also how the name came about. Cap-Wet literally translates Pét-Nat in Dutch. "Pet" means cap or hat, and "nat" means being wet. And what happens when you open a bottle of pétillant naturel? Exactly, your cap gets wet. We've played around with the idea of a crown cap being your hat, and that's how the logo and name came to exist.