The 3 Best Outdoor Places To Enjoy Pét-Nat in The Hague!

The 3 Best Outdoor Places To Enjoy Pét-Nat in The Hague

The 3 Best Outdoor Places To Enjoy Pét-Nat in The Hague!

Once you ordered your favourite bottle, it is time for a cold pick-up at Spui 130 or get it delivered to your home. But what's next? Where do you best enjoy a bottle of natural sparkling wine in The Hague? We've got you covered with some tips and tricks, and although they require semi-good weather, it will make for an amazing memory accompanied by your favourite people and pétillant naturel. 

1. Stadstuin Emma's Hof 

If you feel like impressing your date, definitely go here. It is a super green, well-kept flowery garden with lots of cosy lounge chairs and tables to sit at. Although you are not meant to be tipsy in this public garden, it makes for the perfect place to bring your own glasses and have a small sip. Don't forget to clean up after yourself, and it won't be a problem. Located at the Galileïstraat 36 it is a hidden gem in the city. There is a restroom available, although you might have to search a bit to find it. Challenge accepted?

If you completely fell in love with this place, you can also donate on their website here.

2. Strandslag 12

Obviously, the beach couldn't be missing from this list. Skip a visit to Scheveningen and go straight to Zuiderstrand strandslag 12. Pick a nice spot at the top of the beach near the dunes (don't enter them) and set up a small fire. Making a camp fire is not allowed, but if you do it safely it will be tolerated. You can also sit next to the big boulders to hide from the wind and enjoy a winter sunset. And if you really hate sand, just walk to the lighthouse at the end of the pier and relax on a small bench while you enjoy the waves. There will be fisherman around, and it is windy up there! Even in the breezy months, we would recommend it. The weather keeps your Pét-Nat nice and cold, just make sure to dress yourself accordingly.

Not up for the walk towards the beach? Grab a sharing scooter like Check or Felyx. They have a designated parking spot at the Strandslag 12 beach entrance.

3. Your own balcony, rooftop terrace, or garden

You guessed it right, hosting your own outdoor petnat party is one of the best ways to entertain your guests. Invite a group of friends and make sure to get a string of lights for extra snug bonus points. If you have a small balcony, just keep the party standing, but with a garden or rooftop terrace you can go all out. Why outside if you have the comfort of your home next to you? Because being outside is relaxing, and having no roof above your head boosts creativity. Also, that crisp winter air or summer cricket sounds are pretty good.


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